Location: 3000 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 6G4


10 Meter TDK Semi-Anechoic Chamber

UltraTech's largest chamber is a 62'x42'x31' TDK semi-anechoic chamber, with external structural steel members providing additional support for the absorber load and any applicable seismic zone requirements. This chamber meets the ANSI 63.4 requirements for 3 and 10 meter test positions and listed with FCC, ISED, ANAB and VCCI for the purpose of performing radiated electromagnetic emissions testing over the frequency range of 25 MHz to 40 GHz. In this certified chamber, testing will be conducted with antenna to EUT distances of 3-to-10 meters. Radiated emissions testing shall be per FCC (US) Part 15, Subpart B, ISED (Canada) ICES-003, CE (Europe) CISPR 32, BSMI (Taiwan) CNS 13438 C6357, VCCI (Japan) V-3 and KCC-RRA (South Korea) KN 32 - Class A and B and other radio transmitters’ regulatory standards.

UltraTech's 3-to-10 meter TDK Semi-Anechoic Chamber is equipped with IP-090BLA material applied to the IB-015 ferrite tile surface, which completely covers the walls and ceiling to provide the required performance from 25 MHz to 18 GHz. A Sunol supplied 4-meter diameter, flush mounted turntable with a 10,000 lb capacity and a 4-meter mast with pneumatic polarization are connected via a fiber optic link to the external controller. This chamber has an 8'x8' access portal which facilitates the movement of large equipment into and out of the facility. The facility can be fully automated so that unattended measurements can be performed.


Open Area Test Site (OATS)

Ultratech’s 3-10 Meter Open Area Test Site (OATS) is fully enclosed in a wooden building and maintained in the way to minimize reflections, and protected with metal ground plane. The OATS is equipped with a flush mounted 3 meter diameter turntable capable of supporting 10,000 lb and remotely operated in a test equipment bay below the ground plane, along with the fiber optic controlled antenna tower mast. 


10m Compact Chamber

UltraTech's second largest chamber is a 48'x24'x20' semi-anechoic chamber based on 20 cm ferrite tiles which have been stagger installed to reduce the effects of air gaps. The chamber is used primarily in emissions testing and pre-qualification work providing manufactures an exceedingly expeditious test facility that is ambient free. This means it takes less time to determine compliance than ever before. A secondary objective will be for radiated immunity testing per IEC 61000-4-3 for evaluation of larger Equipment Under Test (EUT).

Coupled with UltraTech's 62'x42'x31' TDK semi-anechoic chamber, the confidence level in radiated emissions measurements is one of the highest in the industry and UltraTech has proven repeatability with other noted manufacturer's test sites.


3m Compact Chambers

Ultratech's lab facilities include several smaller chambers for various testing capabilities.  For Radiated Immunity measurements, UltraTech employs a 3 m dedicated fully anechoic chamber with dimensions of 12'x24'x12' to provide consistent and repeatable uniform fields for meeting European EMC requirements based on the EN 61000-4-3 standard and other radiated Immunity standards. This chamber is implemented using the 10cm ferrite tiles on all chamber surfaces including the floor which ensures uniform fields down to 26 MHz.  Using the latest Biconnilog antenna designs to speed testing along, UltraTech provides a comprehensive automated control and monitoring system that can record the effects of up to 8 individual analog channels if required. The chamber is equipped with a close circuit camera to monitor performance of the EUT while subject to the radiated RF field. 

A 2nd anechoic chamber is available and implemented with the more traditional pyramidal carbon doped foam cones mounted on top of 10 cm ferrite tiles.  The room dimensions measures 24'x12'x12' with the chamber being primarily designed for MIL-STD-461/462, Automotive and Aerospace testing.

A 3rd shielded room measuring 24'x14'x8' is used primarily for conducted emissions and radiated interference power tests. 

2 additional shielded rooms are also available for general usage that may be configured for other test requirements to provided flexibility in our testing capabilities.


SAR Test Chamber

UltraTech is pleased to announce the commissioning and installation of a new SPEAG DASY 5 state of the art SAR test facility. This is UltraTech's second SAR fully automated test system and it will enhance UltraTech's wireless testing capabilities to provide faster and more accurate SAR test and measurement capabilities in Canada. UltraTech is one of the few North American test houses that can carry out SAR tests for portable wireless devices such as cell phones, walkie talkies and wireless PDA devices.

All test and measurement procedures are based on the IEEE SCC34-2 P-1528 standard developed for measuring SAR to international requirements. This service enhances UltraTech's capabilities to test and measure the full spectrum of wireless devices for Canadian, European and U.S. markets.


Telecommunications Regulatory

Telecommunications test facility allows all telecommunication devices such as analog telephones (PSTN), modems, fax machines, key telephones systems, ISDN and T1 digital systems, to be tested to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada CS-03 and FCC Part 68 (ACTA) requirements. 


Product Safety Test Facility

UltraTech's lab facilities include a separately enclosed test area designed for product safety testing.  Primary testing capabilities are designed for evaluation to  International product safety standards, including Information Technology Equipment, Laboratory, Household and medical. Our close affiliations with UL Canada, QPS Canada and CSA allows us to work as an agent with these NCBs to help expedite testing resulting in faster turnaround times and a fully coordinated compliance program.